Jackie Naude is a rebounding instructor, teaching both kids and adult rebounding classes in Antibes. She is also an Ozone therapist at Riviera Ozone. Jackie is passionate about all things health and wellness and is a certified health coach through the institute of integrative nutrition (IIN). In 2019, Jackie moved to Antibes with her two children, from South Africa, where she joins her sister and mom, also living in Antibes. Previously, Jackie worked as a visa agent in the yachting industry for 7 years however in 2021 she discovered her love for rebounding and knew instantly that teaching rebounding classes is what she wanted to do – she quit the visa industry and finally embarked on her journey in the health and wellness space – a space that has been her deepest passion from a very early age. Jackie wants to help others move their bodies in a way that heals the body and that’s fun! Rebounding is for everyone, it’s low impact and gentle on joints, making it a great way to work out without injuries. Movement is essential for health and longevity and rebounding is the most effective form of exercise to stimulate our lymphatic system (backed by science) which lowers inflammation in the body. Jackie’s goal is to help others feel their best by bouncing their way to health and happiness!

Outside of rebounding and ozone therapy, Jackie enjoys spending time with her family and investing in her personal development. She has many passions – helping others decrease their overall toxicity load by swopping to clean beauty products, is something she is extremely passionate about. Jackie is very excited to soon be stocking a range of organic face and body products for babies, kids and adults – super clean products that are not filled with toxic ingredients and harmful chemicals, cruelty free and vegan.