Aleksandra janse van Rensburg
Choreographer, educator and dancer charged with positive energy and passion.
She has been involved in dance since she was 7 years old.In the course of her many many years of working with dance she has had contact with many dance techniques, thanks to which she is able to combine such styles as ballet, jazz, modern dance, contemporary, broadway jazz, hip-hop, and many others.
She has gained her professional experience in Poland,Switzerland, France and the USA.
She has taken part in numerous artistic events: theatre performances, shows, concerts, music videos, musicals all over Poland and abroad.
She has spent the last few years in Switzerland as a choreographer and teacher, sharing her experience and passion by running a dance school and creating numerous workshops and show concerts.
Currently she is passionate about movement medicine dance, where she is sharing her passion by combining breathing techniques, meditation with rhythmic movement.
She is passionate about conscious movement and believes in transformation through movement, touch and rhythm.
Dance is our medicine
Movement is like breath – without it, we lose our creativity, our life energy, Dance is our guide to transformation and freedom.
Through the dance we can express our emotions that often are blocked in our body.
Through the dance and movement we can realise all the blockages which are storage in our body.
Through expressing your self via movement we mostly increased body and self awareness!
She use movement and dance as a tool of therapeutic expression and social anxiety therapy that helps you to explore your self through movement.
Dance is a unity of body mind and soul
Dance is hidden language of the soul so Let your body says what words cannot …

Don’t wait and come join the class and began your transformation