Discover Prana Vashya Yoga


14:30 - 16:30
with Joshua


Prana Vashya Yoga is a sequenced and breath focused dynamic yoga that provides stamina, strength, balance and flexibility for the body and the mind.

Prana is the Living Flow. Living refers to being present not just physically but being conscious about it. Vashya means “to control” in the sense of regulating and channelizing the vital flow.
Prana Vashya Yoga approach helps the practitioner to recognize his own physical and psychological capacities and to develop them in a positive way.

Prana indicates its existence by influencing the organism to breath. Hence Prana Vashya Yoga considers breath as the key channel for any positive change. Prana Vashya follows the breath instead of following the movement and maintains the rhythm of the breath all along the practice. Through breath control, Prana Vashya Yoga keeps the mind steady and increases the awareness of its own capacities. Performing Kumbhakas (breath locks) in specific movements during asana and vinyasa has a very powerful and dynamic effect that develops intense stamina physically, physiologically and psychologically.

This developed capacity can be drawn from the mat and taken into life.