Teacher training

Join us in the incredible aventure of yoga, your new life’s mission.

Two teacher training sessions are available.
The first one in Antibes (France) Vinyasa Flow. And the second one in Newquay (UK) Yin yoga.

Modules Covered


Establish and deepen a daily asana and meditation practice
Deepen your understanding of poses and their benefits/contradictions
Learn to apprehend different levels in the same class
Learn the timing of your class
Intelligent sequencing for all levels of classes


Anatomy for yoga teacher
Nervous systems
Physiology & Kinesiology
Subtle & energetic Anatomy
Understand the muscular-skeletal components of selected postures
All postures explained in detail to understand the anatomy perfectly and therefore help all types of anatomy problems and/or non-alignment to be detected and helping your students to be able to heal with yoga.

Knowledge about the history of Yoga

Roots of Yoga
Hatha Yoga
How yoga has progressed through the history
The development of yoga in our Western worlds
Lectures and discussion about yoga history

Personal work

To become a yoga teacher you have to work within your inner self tremendously, it is very important if you want to pass a clear, clear message to your students
How to comprehend your negative patterns
Work with your energy and chakras
Do your own introspection
Learn to detach yourself from your negatives emotions to be able to welcome the ones of your students and always stay rooted and under control
Strengthen your body-mind-soul

The language of teaching

Creating a safe atmosphere for your students to trust you
How to read the difference of each student in terms of anatomy but also mentally, learning how to “see” students beyond their physical bodies
How to be respected and also to protect yourself
Organising classes around specific topics
How to execute verbal and physical adjustments, and effectively modify instruction to heal the body through yoga asana for the varying practitioner.
How to pass the very important message of yoga with integrity and humility

Pranayama – Postures

THE PRANAYAMA most important in Yoga to Start a practice
Combination of interactive lectures, exercises, classes, posture clinics, and discussions
All postures will be approached and read, analyzed
Advanced postures
Sun Salutations – Forward – Backward – Twist – Inversions – Breathing techniques

Philosophy of Yoga

Insight into the Yoga Sutras Patanjali & Bhagavad Gita
Establish and deepen a daily asana and meditation practice

Yoga and Business

How to organize your time between classes and private and studios
How to advertise yourself
Various help from Caroline’s past experience as a Dance School owner and Yoga Studios owners
How to use the social networks
Various tools to become popular and successful as a yoga teacher

Organise your practice as a yoga teacher and your Yoga MOST IMPORTANT to BE YOGA YOURSELF.
Learn to your students to become Yoga outside the mat in your life you are yoga.

Students are required to commit to extra hours of home studying to deepen learning.


Samasthiti requires at least one year of practicing before enrolling on the Teacher Training Program.


2200€ *
One time payment
Possible to pay monthly free of charge


Monthly Class Pass
Teacher Training Handbook


A list will be provided of recommended reading

* non-refundable under any circumstances – except severe illness and accident affecting mental and physical body

More informations about the online formation

You are practicing / teaching already some Active Yoga and wish to discover the power of Yin Yoga?

I am Caroline, and also teaches lots of Vinyasa Flow strong powerful classes and TT too, I will NEVER have thought one day I would have started to practice Yin, hahahaha I thought was not for me, I thought it was not enough for me!

Boy I was wrong, and discovered the depth of Yin physically but more so mentally, to be able to heal yourself very very deeply.

Yin is a brand new journey that is going to take you into your own world, into the wolrd of yourself and your cells since day one you were born, and help you to face your negative patterns I releasing them.

Come with me for this intense Teacher Training to get to know you in a different way and surrender into your own self and purity of being…

Students are required to commit to extra hours of home studying to deepen learning.

32 postures

Using the gravity to release all physical, mental and emotional tensions

Stretch the facias
Release the joins tissues
Release toxins
Regenerates the cells
Better digestions
Better flexibility
Learn to let go
Learn stillness
Learn so simply BE…

Teaching Tools

How to lead a class?
How to understand the Chinese meridian and their Power?
How to spot anatomic disorders?
How to take people with you in meditation and mindfulness?
How to be an honest and fair teacher?
Yin Yoga uses various props such as bolsters, straps, blankets to have access to a maximum relaxation and letting go the entire body therefore the mind to listen to a beautiful story that is yours, ours of life.

In staying few minutes into the postures, the body via the brain and the mind have the opportunity to go through the obstacles to find the physical, mental and psychological liberation.
A deep practice for a deep journey within yourself




480€ *


Depending on your availability


English and French

* non-refundable under any circumstances – except severe illness and accident affecting mental and physical body


  • My TT at Samasthiti has been educational in many ways. Caroline has strong knowledge of anatomy and alignment so it was very appreciable. I loved how we studied each pose in details to learn the alignment properly and we have been trained to explain them the best way possible to the students. We’ve studied a lot about the body but also about philosophy and chakras, sharing personal experiences between the students to free ourselves from old griefs. We may be in the group but also one-to-one so it’s so much better to learn and work on our weaknesses.
    During the last weeks of the TT we are allowed to teach many classes at Samasthiti so we can train ourselves in front of the students and gain confidence as a teacher.
    Moreover, I loved the way the planning was very flexible, as I was doing my studies at the same time, Caroline was indulgent with my university planning to allow me to mix university and TT.
    There is also a good atmosphere between students. We study hard but we also have a lot of fun ;).

  • J’ai adoré mon teacher training à Samasthiti house of yoga.
    Caroline propose une formation complète enseignant le yoga sous tous ses aspects. Elle transmet sa passion avec professionnalisme et humour.
    La qualité de son enseignement m’a permis de progresser facilement et avec plaisir.
    J’ai perçu une formation sur mesure étant enceinte de 6 mois lorsque j’ai souhaité approfondir mes connaissances en yoga. Elle s’est vraiment adaptée à mon état et à mes disponibilités. J’ai pu suivre la formation avec 2 groupes: d’abord un francophone puis un anglophone après la naissance de ma fille. Gros plus donc pour progresser en anglais
    Caroline m’a apporté la confiance en moi nécessaire pour enseigner et transmettre les valeur du yoga, je recommande fortement de suivre son TT 200h.


  • Yoga can heal everyone and if you are with a teacher like Caroline you can face anything and everything with great confidence. This teacher training with Caroline had given my confidence back.
    Teacher training focuses on postures, anotomy and the values of life which really helps you to overcome all difficulties in life with ease.
    I am from India, I sometimes feel that I came to France only for being with samasthiti and Caroline.
    Believe in yoga with samasthiti and Caroline you can come out of all your problems physically and mentally…
    I have a little daughter and the YTT was coordinated so well that I was able to attend the class and also pick up my daughter on time without any compromise in the class or the topics. The YTT was so flexible and helpful that I was able to bring my daughter to the classes and attend the training without any disturbance.
    So YTT really understands your problems and helps to balance your family and career with it any compromise .


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