We are passionate about our work as massage therapists – it is a privilege and joy, working with our clients so that they can feel good with, about and in their bodies.

With a passion for massage and operating in the heart of Antibes, we can really help with your relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massages will help to release the tension within the muscle chains, getting rid of the lactic acid and relaxing the entire body after intense efforts.

€75 for 60 minutes

Therapeutic Massage

Re-harmonise your energetic body, going deep into the tissue to find the wounds and emotional injuries that your body carries after various traumas from life

€75 for 60 minutes

Chakra Massage 

Cleanse - balance - harmonise your chakras. These are nests of energy that surrounds your endocrine system, meaning your hormonal system, that is the master of your emotions.

€75 for 60 minutes

Massage Location:

Samasthiti Studio, 1 Rue Paul Bourgarel, Antibes, 06600