Newquay Retreat



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7 - 9th of December 2018

Amazing Weekend Retreats to unwind from your busy life and feel good in an amazing location that is Newquay in Cornwall and even better Gwills Yoga Center right in the middle of nowhere and yet very easy to access.

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Our Weekends ChiYoga retreats are all about BALANCE

 A good amount of classes to approach of the Chi Gong a very ancient Chinese discipline to re-enforce your energetic strength through breathing to increase your Chi like the Prana, Tai Chi very ancient Chinesee form to prepare your body to be strong and flexible to be able to practice Kung Fu which is an ancient Chinese Martial Art, you will feel very empowered and stronger (Video sent apart).

Vinyasa Flow Yoga of Course but also 2 amazing workshops to discover the Sacred Geometry within the Yoga and the similarity between Chi Gong/Tai chi and Yoga with a totally innovative blend of those 3 disciplines created by Caroline Rossy and Nicholas Taylor. 

You will immerse yourself in a totally new way to be, breath and move and yet will completely immerse yourself into the immense beauty that is Yoga and Sacred Geometry, The Microcosm linked with the Macrocosm, the small with the big, Yourself with the Universe, the Yin with the Yang, the Chi with the Prana. The practice will happen in the lovely garden that surrounds Gwills Yoga Studio if weather permitted and in this gorgeous Shala.

A good amount of Abundance whether it is Abundance of yoga in all aspect possible, joy, calm, peace, knowledge, discovery, smiles, sun, nature, AND gooooood FOODS to FEEL GOOD. Our great Chef will be very opened to everyone’s diet and will offer everybody’s taste, but most important is to nourish ourselves with amazing local yummy products that the Cornish soil and sea is abundant with and more precious, the food will be prepared with attention and love with makes a massive difference when it comes into our system, great foods made by great people taste delicious and vibrate positive energies.

A good amount of Choice when it comes to accommodation

To be all at peace and for us to provide you our best service and attention we will be a nice small group of 10 persons maximum. Come with your friend, partner for so much fun to express your inner self and enjoy an amazing natural environment yet close to the town and beaches.


Packages include:


BREAKFAST: 2 Breakfasts a large selection of fruits, Granola, bread, butter, jam, green juices

LUNCH: 2 Lunches a nice selection of fresh salads, with quinoa or lentils, seeds, eggs from the chicken running free in the garden yes yes 😉 and more delicious local fresh foods according to what is available.

DINNER: 2 Dinners our chef will make a fine dinner the 1st evening, the dinners will be organized according to everyone’s taste whether you are Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, all products will be locally produced from the farms around as Newquay is amazing on that aspect. Some nice wine will be provided too as life is all about Balance and enjoying ourselves by the garden enjoying the sunset, chilling after a great day together and I am French so my pleasure is my wine, I can even teach some basic about it as a (Yogi) life is all about balance and happiness to FEEL GOOD.  


APARTMENT: Newquay offers a large selection of apartment through AirBnB, and others sources to share an apartment with your friends, husband, or more. 



 5:00 pm Arrival Grand Opening Gathering in the Studio

At the house with a cookery courses with Nicholas Taylor also a very good chef


8:00 am Chi Gong

9:30 am Breakfast

10:30 am Vinyasa Flow Yoga class Caroline’s style 😉

1:00 pm Lunch

2:30 pm Workshop 1 : Sacred Geometry linked with Yoga and much more…

5:00pm Free - Beach - Chilling - Laughing - Sleeping

7:30 pm At the house with a cookery course with Nicholas Taylor, a very good chef


8:00 am Chi Gong

9:30 am Breakfast

10:30 am Chi GOng - Tai Chi - Vinyasa Flow - Chi - Pranayama

1:00 pm Lunch

2:30 pm ChiYoga

5:00 pm Tea time Bye bye… 

Now if you wish to stay that Sunday Night Nick and Jenny are happy to host you for an extra cost for the night and/or the dinner.


2 Chi gong classes 60 mins

2 Yoga Classes 2 hours

2 workshops 2 hours   


One price £340 ALL included except transports